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Renting Oversights to Beware of When you decide on Student Lodging

Posted by james on August 13, 2015
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Pupils who are on the lookout for affordable student apartments are often liable to renting oversights that stem from being inexperienced as tenants. Landlords and realtors are then able to pass off second-rate housing at exorbitant rates that later tends to inconvenience students. Take a look at some of the common renting oversights made by young tenants at the time of leasing private accommodation.

  1. Renting a House with Poor Security

Studies show that crime in many neighbourhoods tends to target students, necessitating solid home security. Pupils often overlook this element because they presume they will be at the university most of the time. However, security features such as reinforced locks, a decent burglar alarm or round the clock security for the apartment building is an integral part of safe lodging.

Choosing student accommodation in Loughborough neighbourhood with a low crime rate is also a good idea.

  1. The Absence of Furnishings

It is not uncommon for an apartment to be dressed for an open house. However, pupils are often disappointed when the furniture and even fittings are sometimes taken away at the time of moving in. In order to avoid such disillusioned, it would be wise to talk to the realtor and find out whether or not the house will be completely furnished.

  1. Being Victims of Clever Ploys by Realtors

Realtors often employ questionable yet clever sales strategies to entice gullible pupils into settling for substandard houses. They might inform you about other tenants interested in the property or even try to influence you by making you think that you have limited renting options.

It is important not to settle for accommodation you aren’t happy with as there are better student apartments in Loughborough available to those attending university.

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